X-Pac Pro Camera Sling Bag 7L

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The ultralight rugged stormproof 7L camera sling bag (only 550g). Over 900% funded on Kickstarter. 100% plant based bio-degradable packaging.

We designed it to be a high performance gear with long lasting durability and detailed user experiences with the use of innovative materials and constructions.

Pro Camera Sling Bag is one of the Best Camera Sling Bag 2021 on Carryology

3 Way carry - Sling/Waist/Crossbody


Made of waterproof* X-Pac™ VX21/X21* Rugged outdoor fabric  (Developed by German sail fabric company - Dimension Polyant. Made in US)

X-PAC VX21 fabric is a 4-layer fabric which consists of an abrasion resistant layer, a tear resistant layer, a waterproof layer and a back coating. (*VX21 is available in Blue and Green, X21 is available in Black to be more lightweight)

X-PAC X21 fabric is a new lightweight multi layer fabric, which consists of an abrasion resistant layer, a tear resistant layer and a waterproof layer, has one of the highest durability to weight ratio in high performance outdoor fabric. (Available in US/Asia)

Both fabrics are highly durable and waterproof due to the multilayer lamination technology.

(*Note: The whole bag is weatherproof because of stitches and zippers)

YKK Aqua-guard® (Storm guard) weatherproof zippers


Extra comfort shoulder strap with 3D shock absorbing EVA wave cushion to better distribute and absorb the pressure on shoulder and premium Coolmax ventilation wrap. (Able to transform as a camera strap, too)

Coolmax back panel and shoulder strap give the same cool and soft touch as your breathable running tops. Probably the first time this moisture-wicking running top fabric is used on a bag. It dries 5 times faster than cotton.


Protect your gear with this theft-deterrent zipper pull snap system

Able to fit in 1 mirrorless camera with 2 medium to small lens.

Dimensions: 31 x 19.8 x 12 cm (7L)

Weight: 550g

Each order include: 1 bag, 1 shoulder strap, 2 foldable dividers, 2 attachments for camera strap use 

Other materials:

WJ® WooJin Korean plastic buckles

Custom designed anodised aluminium buckle 

Designed in our own London Studio. 100% Quality Checked. 

Made by our trusted manufacturing partner in Vietnam with Korea & US made materials

Sustainability: 100% Biodegradable packaging is used (Made of a plant based material which is compostable)


Worldwide delivery

Limited Availability

***From 1/1/2021, EU customs may collect VAT for import goods*** 


Photographer Review: 

In-Depth Review from the outdoor photographer JB on how to fit his DJI Drone:

Every product is hand checked by our team to ensure the best quality.

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Exactly What I Needed

After spending hours online reading reviews and watching videos I finally landed on this bag. I had previously purchased the tech and trek sling so I knew I would be happy with the construction of this bag. I was looking for a camera bag with a specific use case in mind. Something small that would allow me to take my camera + lens anywhere easily.

My everyday camera is a Lumix S5 with a Sigma 24-70mm. While I can fit the camera vertically in the bag, I am more comfortable with laying the camera on its side. With my Panasonic 50mm 1.8 attached I am able to fit the S5, 50mm, and the 24-70mm lens in the the bag. It is a very capable bag for the size and carrying it challenges me to take only the essentials for my day.

The x-pac material and padding give me confidence my camera is well protected. I would strongly recommend this bag to anyone looking for a minimalistic solution.

John Donnelly
Excellent bag

Delighted with my X-pac pro 7L sling bag.
It fits everything in so easily and snuggly and has so many useful pockets for a relatively small bag. Quality feels great too and fits very comfortably in any position. Well done Instinct.

Umama Hamido

I bought a second bag after mine was stolen with the camera inside. Love this bag :) though I wish it was a bit wider so it can fit my shotgun mic


Solid construction, great materials. Strap could use some beefing up, but its fine for a small camera setup.

Great product, but doesn't comfortably fit 11" iPad Pro

Great bag for my mirrorless camera. Fits my Sony a7 body, a Sony 70-200m f4 lens (smaller than it's f2.8 counterpart), my 40mm 2.5 prime and room enough for another small zoom lens.

Doesn't fit my 11 inch iPad Pro!!! I'm quite annoyed at this really, because there are clear descriptions that say it will fit up to a 11.5" tablet. When I take the soft cover off the iPad it just barely squeezes in, but then I'm worried I'll scratch it on the zipper taking it in and out, and it sometimes accidentally presses the power and volume buttons because it's so tight. Also, when I do squeeze it in, my regular camera gear no longer fits easily because the bag needed to mould to the gear to fit. Luckily I don't REALLY need the iPad in there, but it was a disappointment when I discovered it.

Everything In general is a little tight e.g. my Sony batteries only just squeeze into the elastic battery slots on the interior, and the water bottle pockets only JUST fit plastic 600ml water bottles. I'd say don't fill it the the brim if you want best use out of this bag.

Thank you for your comment and also your support in our small business.

We hope you can fully enjoy using the bag, so here is some tips that you may try. For iPad, you can fit in by flipping the top cover and the elastic band up. In this way, you can avoid the zipper scratching the iPad. Also, please fit in without the cover/keyboard. After fitting in the iPad, please remember to put the elastic band around the top of the iPad, so that it will not pushing the iPad out.

For the battery slots, they are measured exactly for fitting Sony batteries, if the elastic band are too loose the battery will fall out. As elastic band is soft, it will tend to be stretched after you use more. You can try pulling the elastic band slightly with your finger to fit in the batteries.

Hope these helps and you can enjoy every part of the bag.

Thank you again for your support.