• Instinct Backpack and Pro Camera Sling Bag
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Pro Camera Sling Bag


Instinct® 35L Backpack


Instinct Backpack's Story

Over funded 900% on Kickstarter, Instinct, an independent London bag design company founded in 2018, aims at producing premium quality products with the most innovative user-friendly design while keeping environmental friendly our top goal.

Under current Coronavirus situation, we still accept orders. We will deliver as soon as the situations get better as deliveries are now widely delay.

Instinct Backpack

"This Backpack is a combination of all useful features that you wish for, in one."

Gismo review

Instinct Backpack

"I am really impressed in how well this bag works as a travel backpack as well as how cool all the accessories they put together integrate into the bag itself."

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Pro Camera Sling - Development & Story

Instinct Backpack - On the road

Instinct Backpack - Development & Story

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