City Traveler Set

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City Traveler Set

- Instinct Backpack x 1

- Toiletries Incube x 1

- Electronics Incube x 1

- Wet & Dry Clothes Compression Incube x 1

 Instinct Backpack is made with highly durable 900D Polyurethene Coated Nylon and Bluesign apporved SBS storm proof zippers. That said, it is storm proof and abrasion resistant. 


 *Photo showing a combination of All 6 Incubes is just for demonstration. Actual number of Incubes depends on each set.


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Customer Reviews

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Organised modular packing system

1.the organised modular packing system is easy to use with the Velcro to stick inside the backpack.
2.Durable and weatherproof backpack
3.All the essentials for travel
4.Clothing Incube that separates the wet and dry is brilliant
5. Attractive price to have a set of travel units.
1. Small water bottle pocket
2. Shoe compartment is a bit small, cannot fit my basketball shoes, but normal running shoes and leather shoes are fine.

Worth every penny spent. A genius packing system. Get all the jobs done.

As a backpack, it is comfortable. All 3 packing cubes have detailed organisations. Lastly, the way that packing cubes can stick inside the backpack is a genius design. Now, I can spend more time travel instead of looking for my stuffs inside my bag.

Thank you for that! It really changes my life.

Light and weatherproof backpack with essentials for travel

It is lighter than what it looks like, probably because the straps are ergonomically designed. The fabrics can withstand the heavy rains in Southeast Asia. All my stuffs are completely dry. Highly recommended.